Powerlifting America 2024 Nationals Season

Powerlifting America 2024 Nationals Season

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In late 2023, we were tasked with creating new logos for all of the 2024 Powerlifting America National events. This included 6 different events (Bench, Classic, University, Age Group, and Equipped) which all needed to have their own distinct identity while remaining easily recognizable at a glance.

Goal 1: Easily recognizable at a glance

For direction, we were given the example of the Super Bowl logo which has a unique look each year, but always contains a common element (the Vince Lombardi Trophy).

In line with the football example, we took inspiration from the NFL logo and colors and created a badge shape that would remain the same across all 6 events while letting each event have its own identity around the central theme of the event. For example, Classic and Equipped Nationals each contain the US flag, representing the possibility for lifters to earn their spot to represent the US on the national teams.


Goal 2: Usable on dark or light backgrounds

Each logo needed to be usable on a dark or light background. to accomplish this, we created 2 versions of each logo, and adjusted the color of the border for visibility against dark or light colors.


We created tons of assets for printing as well as digital assets for social media, livestreams, etc that featured the brand colors, fonts, and logos for use in-person at the event and online.